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Mar Del Plata Humidor, Black Boa

This stunning cigar HUMIDOR is a unique collaboration between, Elisabeth Weinstock, and Daniel Marshall, one of the premier purveyors of humidors. The box is built to keep your cigars at their full-bodied best, in the most stylish and sophisticated way. 

The interior is done in untreated Spanish cedar. This Humidor works in concert with the natural cedar to enable fine cigars to take on the character flavors which will become more enhanced and mellow with age. The rich oils in the cedar mature and delicately coat the wrapper of the cigar with the famous silken texture that is so desired. 

Exceptional humidification is achieved by a DM self-regulating device that is time proven and guaranteed to automatically regulate the atmosphere in the humidor at approximately 70%. Over time, this system does not need replacement and requires the addition of distilled water on a four to six week basis.

Voted Cigar Aficionado's Favorite, holding 65 cigars, includes lock, divider, temperature regulator.

Comes in many exotic leathers and skins and can be made to custom color specifications (call or email for Bespoke work).

 Exotic Leather or Snakeskin exterior sourced from around the world

  • Spanish Cedar interior
  • Available to Customize
  • Made in the USA (Los Angeles)
  • H 5" W 12" D 9.5"